Volunteer Spotlight
Meet Anastassia, Khouloud, Lily, Rika, Will and Bec

10 March 2023

In our spotlight this month, meet 6 dedicated volunteers who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes in support of UNAA-NSW programs. While they are active in a lot of other ventures outside of the UNAA, they continue to find time to support worthy causes.

Read on to find out how Anastassia is using her skills in TV production to improve our marketing content; how Khouloud is using what she’s learnt from her PhD to make an impact on the community; and how Bec is finding ways to continue supporting the UN, after having worked for them in London.

We also have Will, fresh from graduation, growing his experience as he works with senior leaders in our administration; Lily, who works on environmental initiatives in her profession, and mirrors this through being an active volunteer in our Sustainability Pillar team; and lastly Rika, who is a technology professional with a long history of NGO work, using her skill to organise Peace & Security projects.


Anastassia Gerakas
Head of Content

My passion is for content creation and with over fifteen years experience in TV broadcasting I have worked on incredible productions from Olympic Games to local favourites like Masterchef and international hits like Luxe Listings Sydney in every role from editor to Executive Producer. 

I love leading teams and coming up with concepts as well as creating new shooting and editing styles and when the opportunity became available to join the UNAA marketing team as Head of Content, I jumped on board!

Having done a degree in Political Studies and being a huge advocate for human rights, peace and gender equality, I have volunteered for many organisations for the past ten years. Nothing is more rewarding than doing something to make the world a better place and I hope my contribution to UNAA will be a stepping stone to a full fledged career in the humanitarian field.

Khouloud Kamalmaz
Research Advisor

I am a 4th year PhD student and social impact researcher with an interest in The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Part of my research is focused on The SDG of Zero Hunger. 

In the UNAA, I am a Voluntary Research Advisor working as part of the team on the Zero Hunger in Schools Project. My role includes liaising with organisations about the project as well as offering research advice related to the issue of hunger in Australia and globally.

I really enjoy volunteering and am delighted to relate to other like minded individuals. This opportunity allows me to give back to the community and share my knowledge. I believe it is a shared responsibility to ensure that more children across the country get access to enough food daily.

William Alexander
Assistant Administrator

I’m a recent graduate of Deakin University, where I did a bachelor’s degree and Graduate Certificate in international relations.

I was born in Sydney but primarily grew up in Hong Kong. I would describe myself as a cosmopolitan person, which naturally drew me in to the United Nations and its mission.

Volunteering with the UNAA, I primarily assist the executive team in the smooth functioning of the organisation. Some days that includes organising meetings, others its research into new initiatives and supporting event nights.

I am honoured to be part of the UNAA, it is incredibly gratifying to be working for an organisation with such great principles. I hope to continue this work in any capacity I can!

Lily Belova
Sustainability Pillar Volunteer

My name is Lily Belova, and I am a Senior Quality Specialist focusing on safety and environmental initiatives in the Maritime industry.

Since 2021, I have been a volunteer member of the UNAA Sustainability Pillar, where I am responsible for looking after SDG 14 Life Under Water. You may also spot me at various UNAA-affiliated events, including the upcoming Ocean Lovers Festival in Bondi, where I will be representing the UNAA and promoting the organisation’s efforts.

For me, volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, contribute to meaningful causes and give back to the community. The UNAA offers an incredible opportunity to do just that.

Rika Raychaudhuri
Peace & Security Pillar Volunteer

Last year, I completed a Masters in Peace and Security from Sydney University as well as the UN Diploma and have been involved with a couple of overseas NGOs in social entrepreneurship projects for marginalised women. I am also a technology professional working in cybersecurity and a part-time researcher with a keen interest in using technology to solve social problems.

In the last 10 months, I have collaborated and presented on ‘women in peacekeeping’ at the P&S team’s meetup event celebrating 75 years of Australian Peacekeeping and have been the coordinator for the team’s production of the WPS videos. I have been a member of the support team at the UN Day Commemorative Service at the Cenotaph and several other UNAA meetup events.

Volunteering with the UNAA I feel is a great opportunity for me to make a positive impact on people’s lives, while developing new skills and gaining a unique perspective on global issues. What I enjoy immensely is the ability to network with a diverse group of people outside my regular work and social circles.

Rebecca Atkinson
Schools Program Volunteer

I have just become a mum to Sebastian and work in change management consulting. I previously worked for the United Nations in London and am passionate about building awareness for their work. 

I started working on the UN Day Program with Shaista just before UN Day 2022, assisting with pulling together collateral for the schools enrolled on the Program. With a bigger team this year, I am looking forward to working with the team to broaden the outreach and help support more schools to learn about the UN SDGs. 

I think volunteering is very important as it enables organisations to do very important work and can bring diverse skill sets and perspectives into the room. 

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